Pelvic Prolapse - Hope for a Devastating Diagnosis

Lois was diagnosed with pelvic prolapse in May 2015. Pelvic prolapse is a devastating and life altering condition that occurs when a woman’s bladder drops. Lois saw multiple doctors and was told she would have to self-catheterize for the rest of her life. After crying for a month straight, she decided to get another opinion and was referred to Dr. John Joyce, a urogynecologist, who was able to surgically repair her bladder and give Lois back her active life.

Peggy's Story - Cardiology Care with Heart

After feeling like she couldn’t make it through choir rehearsals without having to sit down for fear she might black out, Peggy’s primary care doctor recommended she see Dr. Monica Gressianu – one of Denver’s few female cardiologists. From the moment Peggy met Dr. Gressianu, Peggy says she just loved her. This is the story of Peggy's journey from diagnosis through heart surgery and follow up treatment under Dr. Gressianu's care.
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