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A new program will expand obstetric care to expecting mothers in rural Montana St. James Healthcare will be participating in a new program aimed at ensuring moms and babies in Granite and Powell counties are healthy from preconception, to pregnancy, delivery and beyond. The program, Maternal Health Connection, will begin providing women with high quality prenatal care and careful management of conditions beginning September 2023.

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When a woman is facing a serious or life-threatening condition, there is no substitute for a board-certified, highly skilled OBGYN physician. The specialists at Southern Arizona Laborists are experts in women’s health. Whether a woman is experiencing a gynecological abnormality, a pregnancy complication or she’s ready to deliver; our highly experienced OBGYN Hospitalists are committed to providing every patient with specialized care within minutes of arriving at a hospital.

Pelvic Prolapse - Hope for a Devastating Diagnosis

Lois was diagnosed with pelvic prolapse in May 2015. Pelvic prolapse is a devastating and life altering condition that occurs when a woman’s bladder drops. Lois saw multiple doctors and was told she would have to self-catheterize for the rest of her life. After crying for a month straight, she decided to get another opinion and was referred to Dr. John Joyce, a urogynecologist, who was able to surgically repair her bladder and give Lois back her active life.
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