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A mother's love runs strong - Gil Schaenzle's story of love, heartbreak and inspiration - YouTube

In 2016, Gil Schaenzle’s only child - daughter Anna Rose - was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer. After surgery to remove nearly 10 pounds of tumors from her body, and intense rounds of chemotherapy, Anna Rose died in 2017 at age 21. Gil shares her incredibly personal story; how Mount Evans Home Health Care and Hospice helped her cope with the heartbreak; and her inspiring journey through 52 national parks, 19 national monuments and two national preserves in an effort to help other families facing neuroendocrine cancer.

Touched by love; A day in the life of a hospice nurse

Mount Evans Home Health Care and Hospice's nurses and therapists cover a vast and sprawling region in the mountain communities west of Denver. What they provide is more than medical care, it's a prescription of love. In this video, you'll follow along with Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice nurse Kristine Toth as she visits two extraordinary families. You will witness the love Mount Evans is known for and experience why our care is different.

The story of how a classified ad changed a life

For all us, life is filled with choices. Some are big choices such as which job to take or whether to move to a new state. Other choices may seem smaller – like which apartment to rent or which puppy to choose from a litter. It’s impossible to know what doors a decision will open, or in Richard’s case, which hearts. But every choice we make leads us on a path – even the choice to answer a classified ad.

A mother’s love runs strong

Featured in the July 2019 edition of Colorado Serenity magazine It’s hard to summarize Anna Rose Schaenzle in just a few words. The Evergreen High School graduate accumulated a long list of accomplishments in her short life. She played golf, volleyball and ran track. As a college student, she carved an academic niche on the Dean’s list. She loved adventure and the outdoors. However, what made Anna Rose truly special wasn’t what she did – it was who she was.